Skylanders Giants

Skylanders are HUGE in this house – not in stature, but in popularity.  I have not one, not two, but three boys who enjoy playing it on their 3DS or Wii. (the teen may deny all knowledge when questioned though).

At first, Skylanders were Kian’s secret as he had them on his 3DS, which his brothers are not allowed to play with, but then we went to LolliBop and discovered Skylanders Spyro Adventure Tour were there.  

The whole LolliBop experience was fantastic, but there was one attraction that had tied an imaginary bungee rope around their waists and kept pulling them back, time and time again!

There was so much for them to do, including Game trials of both Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and the new Skylanders Giants.

Kian got to play on the Portal of PowerTM Stage and Play Podium which was hosted by a very enthusiastic demonstrator.  He had an epic Skylanders play-off and smashed his opponent to smithereens beat his opponent but sadly didn’t win the special prize.

Skylanders Giants Tour

Daddy and Uncle Martin cheering Kian on

The boys were able to take a little piece of the Skylands world home, with a souvenir photograph taken with their favourite Skylander within the magical Skylands world.

They had great fun getting fake tattoos and playing games like ‘Match the Pairs’, plus everyone who visited the Skylanders Arena were given a wristband and a goody bag filled with treats.  Plus Isaac got to meet a rather large new Skylander friend.

Tree Rex and Isaac

On our return home, it was “Skylanders this” and “Skylanders that” and Isaac was most frustrated that his brother wouldn’t let him play with them on the 3DS.

We made a mental note that we would get Isaac Skylanders for Christmas on the Wii, but when he came down with Chickenpox, Daddy decided he needed something to keep him from scratching and bought him a present.

Luckily, we got different Skylanders with Kian’s starter pack so had six in total, but already they have multiplied to 11, although we have a way to go yet.

I have been reliably informed that Isaac’s favourite Skylander is Lightening Rod, Kian’s is Chop Chop and Callan likes Bash.

I have one more thing to add……….this is the one game that captures all their imaginations and they all play nicely together, despite the age gap, which is unheard of in this house.  They even have the Skylanders poster above the TV in the dining room, and one in the boys bedroom too.

Ask Isaac or Kian what they want for Christmas and this is the answer you get:

Head over to Sticky Fingers Blog for your chance to win Skylanders Giants on the console of your choice, plus a TV to play it on!!

In the meantime, we are playing spot the Skylander giants when we do our weekly food shop  – look who we found in Asda – Crusher! (We have yet to find Thumpback, which is the one Isaac covets the most)

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