My Dream Bedroom

I recently entered My Dream Garden into the Tots100 Home Makeover Competition with Rated People and when I found out I could enter more than once I decided that I had to dream up my ideal bedroom.

We moved into our doer-upper house 7.5 years ago, confident that it would not take long to get it how we wanted it.- rookie error!!  I had no idea whatsoever how much time, energy and money owning a house actually takes.

Our bedroom was a deep shade of orangey / red when we moved in, so I quickly threw (quite literally) a couple of coats of cream paint over it and it has stayed that way ever since.  Not only is it bland and boring, but it has the most hideous pink thick pile carpet in it, that must have been on the floor for donkey’s years!!

We have mismatched furniture, built in wardrobes with doors that won’t close, or that are hanging off and an outside wall that is stained with mould, despite regular bleaching.

What I really want is a nice relaxing childfree room, with plenty of hidden storage and a comfy bed (hubby wants a TV in the end of it, although I am not really bothered as never ever get a lie in).

Our room isn’t that small, but it is poorly designed which really restricts where you can put things.

Here are my ideas for my dream bedroom on Pinterest.
Fingers crossed that I get my dream garden, or dream bedroom – both places where I can relax!!
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