My issue with shopping online!

I love to find a bargain on the internet and often prefer to shop online rather than traipse around the shops.

There is, however, one HUGE problem with shopping online!

It isn’t not being able to try clothes on first and feel their quality.

It’s not, not being able to see the product before you order it.

It is the delivery option!!

Today I tweeted my frustration about UKMail.  I was waiting in for my husbands new phone, which was being delivered between 7am and 11am.  A reasonable time slot, but by 12.45 it still hadn’t been delivered.

Frustrated, I tracked down the tracking number and logged onto the website to find in big glaring words –


The delivery certainly hadn’t been attempted as I had not left the house.  Upon further investigation, the time listed as the attempted delivery time was 10.49am.  I know exactly where I was at 10.49am as the doorbell did ring and outside was my postman brandishing my new bread bin.  I looked at the time as I thought to myself that the delivery driver was cutting it fine.  I also searched the porch for the card, but I can confirm that I did not get one of those either.

It took me 20 minutes of waiting to finally get through to UKMail, and the operator promised to investigate and phone me back, which to his credit he did – over 2 hours later!  He advised that the driver did attempt delivery to not only me, but also to my two neighbours.  Again strange, as they were both at home and also didn’t have anyone knock at the door.

This has happened before, in fact delivery men are normally shocked that I am in and can be seen brandishing their cards as they walk up the path.  My Royal Mail postman is fab, he knows when I am on the school run and will often come back if he misses me, but I know not all are the same.

Tweeting my frustrations, is seems that many of you are in the same boat, and it is not just UKMail that cause problems.  The air turned blue at the mention of Yodel and City-Link too.

I even drove to the depot in rush hour, to collect the parcel myself, only to find out it was still out on the van!

I know it must be frustrating for the drivers attempting delivery after delivery when the person isn’t at home, but don’t lie – we are in fact paying your wages!!  The big companies need to do something about this issue, as it is widespread and all to common.

Now I have to wait in tomorrow too – lets just hope for a better outcome!

4 thoughts on “My issue with shopping online!”

    • My husband used to work as a courier, once as an employed driver and once self employed with a different company. He was a good driver and never faked a delivery but it does happen. Some of the home delivery drivers have no previous experience and little training, and having shopped online I am well aware how frustrating it is when you wait in all day for nothing. Personally i would sooner pay more for delivery via royal mail and get my parcel. These cheaper home delivery companies pay only 40/50p a parcel to their drivers for Amazon deliveries. I would prefer not be able to opt out of having my goods delivered by these couriers and have a more reliable service.


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