Win a Copy of Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook

Back in October I reviewed Indian SuperMeals; Baby & Toddler Cookbook by Zainab Jagot Ahmed  which is a delightful book detailing flavoursome recipes for babies and young children.  The best thing about it is that most of the recipes can be adapted to adult tastes too – I just add a little more spice!

Today I have cooked Saffron and Date Kheer (or as I prefer to call it Rice Pudding) for the children.

“Although this recipe is suitable FOR BABIES FROM 7 MONTHS ONWARDS it really is a gorgeous, luscious rice pudding that the whole family can enjoy together.
Containing saffron, the world’s most expensive spice, this scrummy delight is subject to a range of health benefits. Saffron contains the compound ‘crocin’, important for good memory and can actually help baby’s ability to learn new and exciting things. Dates are also impressive, with antioxidant power close to that of blueberries; they are a concentrated source of calories, great for boosting energy; fibre-rich helping to keep bowels healthy and are a wonderful source of minerals, potassium, selenium and calcium.”


30g (1½oz) white basmati rice — washed, drained
550ml (1 pint) of whole milk
3 saffron strands
Sprinkle of ground cinnamon
15g (½ oz) fresh dates — deseeded, finely chopped

As you can see from the photograph I have also included Nutmeg, to give it that extra Christmassy feel.
It is so simple to do to, and the kids loved helping me!
Place the rice in a pot, pour in half of the milk and stir, you will need to save the other half for later. 

Bring the milk to the boil gradually on low heat; this will take 5-10mins. Let it simmer (uncovered) until all of the milk has been absorbed by the rice. It will be thick and creamy.
Remove from the heat and mash the rice. 

Return to the heat and pour in the remaining milk. Add the saffron, cinnamon, dates and stir. Simmer (uncovered) on low heat until the milk has reached a thick, rich, gooey consistency. If it becomes too heavy just add some extra milk and stir.  Let it cool slightly and serve!

Eliza and her friends got stuck in straight away – I am not if it because it was so yummy or because they had helped cook it, but they had clear plates by the end of their lunch!

Indian SuperMeals: Baby and Toddler Cookbook is available from WaterStones and Amazon priced from £3.99.

Now for the exciting bit – I have 5 copies of Indian SuperMeals; Baby & Toddler Cookbook E-Book for your E-Reader (Kindle, iPad, Nook etc) / PC / Laptop or Smart Phone  to giveaway.

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    1. things like chicken and spinach curry, but made unspicy. one of mine always complains if food is spicy! he is 4 now but he still bit picky the other 2 are a bit more “traditional” and will eat

    2. Any curry would be good, we hardly have curry these days as my little one doesnt like my version and i like us to all be eating the same thing at teatime.

    3. Basically anything spicy (even things like chilli). I never know how much spices I should add for my son so tend to cook a seperate portion for him and his sister without any spices added. Its not a hassle, but I would like to introduce a bit more spice in their diet.

    4. i love the white jalfrezi, but the chillies would be too hot for the little one….would love a milder version, but still as creamy….. 🙂


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