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I am not sure if I have told you this before, but my boys ADORE Skylanders (I may have mentioned it one, or two, or three times), so you can imagine how excited they were when Tots100 launched their Join Team Skylanders competition.

Isaac (age 4), is the biggest Skylanders fan of them all and plays it almost daily on the Wii.  As he is fairly little, he often demands help from his big brothers or Daddy and they can often be found playing it long after he is fast asleep in bed, although sometimes Kian hides away in his room playing his own copy on the DS!!
Here is Isaac’s Skylander drawing of his new character “The Emperor! – A Penguin.
The Emperor - By Isaac age 4
The Emperor, by Isaac age 4
The Emperor is a giant Penguin who can shoot magical poisoned darts from the feathers on his head and when he stamps his feet, the earth shakes violently, knocking his opponents over.  The Emperor fights best on ice, where he can be seen whizzing down mountains on his tummy, like a bobsleigh or in the water where he is fast and graceful.
Next up is Callan (aged 15) entry – “Venom”
Venom - By Callan aged 15
Venom, by Callan age 15
Venom is a brightly coloured snake who can spit venom from her mouth which instantly paralyses her victims for a few seconds so she can get the upper hand (or should that be tail).  She uses her hat to disguise her hypnotic eyes, but beware those he see them – she will soon have you playing for her team!!
Finally, Kian (aged 12) – Bruiser

Bruiser - by Kian age 12
Bruiser, by Kian age 12
Bruiser is a two headed creature which when you place him on the portal of power says “Are you Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’?”  He can breathe fire from one head and ice from the other and has a real sting in his scorpion like tail.  Beware – if he is really angry, he goes into a spin and creates a fire and ice vortex!
I cannot wait to see all the other entries!!

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