Learning Resources Answer Buzzers – A Review

As a parent, and a childminder, sometimes I find it a challenge to stop the older ones answering questions for the younger ones or talking over them.  When I saw blog-match asking for people to review Learning Resources Answer Buzzers I applied as they are such a good idea.

What are they?

They are colourful, game show style answer buzzers that each give a different sound when pressed.  They “Boing”, “Ding”, “Ding Dong” and “Honk Honk”.  They each require two AAA batteries (not included).

Even on the most basic level they are great fun.  The younger children love to play find the colour – I shout the colour and they have to press the corresponding buzzer.  As they have got better at it, it has now progressed to who can press it the quickest.

Learning Resources Answer Buzzers
Find the pink one!

It can also be used as a memory game, which is slightly harder for the little ones.  e.g. Which buzzer makes the “Boing” sound.

For older children (and adults), it takes games to a whole new dimension.  By adding the buzzers you can do a “Who wants to be a Millionaire” fastest finger type round, or they have to use their buzzers to answer questions.  Be warned though – it gets very competitive and noisy.

My one tip with these is though, make sure you put them away where they cannot be reached as the kids love the noises and will keep pressing them, and pressing them and pressing them.

For more information about Learning Resources and their other products, you can follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.  They have a dedicated parents zone, as well as one for teachers and one for special needs!

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