Uh oh – we have a 2 year old!

Yesterday, Eliza turned the grand old age of 2 and it only seems like yesterday she was born!!


Eliza at 3 days


Eliza's 2nd Birthday

She is growing into a bright, intelligent and very mischievous little lady!  She has her brothers and sister wrapped around her little finger although can deliver a mean tantrum if she doesn’t get her own way.

She was spoiled rotten on her birthday, with a Dolls House, Ben & Holly toys, clothes and a Peppa Pig duvet cover for her new big bed.  By far, her favourite present was her fairy wings and wand though!

She didn’t quite manage to blow out the candles on her cake by herself, but she did make sure she got the piece of cake she wanted by ripping Peppa’s nose off!!

A big thank you to all who sent birthday wishes on twitter and facebook – they were much appreciated – we hope you hang around for the next year!!

Eliza just hanging around!

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