Andrex Clean Campaign



We all do it!

Most of us hate talking about toilet habits, unless you have a baby or a toddler and then it is common place!

We think nothing off cleaning a babies bottom with moist baby wipes, after all they get rid of the “residue” much better than using dry tissue, and they keep little ones clean and fresh.

The Clean Campaign by Andrex aims to change perceptions of moist tissues as “taboo” and encourage people to try the products and adopt them as part of their daily routine rather than associate them with ill-health.

Andrex Washlets are lightly moistened flushable toilet tissue wipes.  They are designed to be an extra step in your existing routine.  Pre-moistened, use one or two wipes alongside your normal toilet tissue to feel extra clean and fresh.  Dermatologically tested and available in a moisture retaining tub and a refill pack.  Skin PH neutral, these wipes are flushable and biodegradable.

Here is Dawn Porter to tell us more:

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