The Gallery – Bond

I have to admit when I first saw this weeks Gallery theme of Bond – the name James Bond immediately sprung to mind and I had an idea of dressing my kids in tuxedo’s whilst trying to do some daring rescue.

Then I pulled myself together and thought about what bond really means:

something that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together.

I don’t have a conventional family, my eldest child is almost 20 years old and my youngest has just turned 2, but they all have an amazing bond and adore each other (mostly).

I couldn’t pick just one photo to represent this, so here is my definition of the word bond.

When big brother comes to meet you on the way home from school!
Sister to sister chats
Big brother is always there to scoop you up for a cuddle
Sharing interests
Teaching your brother and sister to play the latest game!
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25 thoughts on “The Gallery – Bond”

  1. I think ‘mostly’ is really important. If they grew up in a difference free idyl they would never learn how to deal with conflict. It’s an important part of the bonding process.

  2. My kids fight like hell but then in the next moment can be found curled up in bed together watching their movie. I love that bond they have that is not threatened by those wonderfully colourful and passionate arguments they have


  3. Such cute photos of your children! I look forward to one day being able to provide a little brother or sister for my son so he can experience the amazing bond that siblings have.


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