I have read so many blogs about the excitement of finding out you are pregnant, but what happens when it is unplanned and totally unexpected.

That has just happened to us.
You would think after 5 healthy and happy children we would know the drill, but number 6 snuck up on us and gave us a real shock.
Hubby had just been made redundant, and I put extreme tiredness and generally feeling ill down to two children with chicken pox, worry and lack of sleep.  
Still breastfeeding Eliza, I had had only one period too and that was back in August.  Knowing my body from previous times, I knew it would take months for my periods to get back into any sort of regularity, but I had a niggle at the back of my head, so I bought a cheap test from the local chemist – Positive!
My first reaction was that of panic – could we afford another baby? Would hubby find another job? Have we got the room? What would the family and children say – they already think we have too many!
Thankfully hubby walked straight into a new job, not as good pay but at least it is secure.  His reaction was fantastic, he loves all his kids and this won’t be any different.
I relaxed a bit, booked all my appointments quite quickly as because they go but your last period I was fast approaching 14 weeks.  I was a little gutted though when they scanned me and put me back to 10 weeks, but at least it gives us longer to prepare.
Then I started to plan how we would tell the family, as I know the reaction would not be good.  I have spent weeks in baggy jumpers and waterfall cardigans trying to hide my expanding waistline……. I was excited about announcing it on my blog though, and was deciding whether it would be a scan picture as my Silent Sunday or something more artistic.
Finally my 12 week screening was here, but the little wotsit didn’t want to play ball so we were in there for what felt like forever, whilst she did her measurements.  As I am fairly old in terms of child bearing, I knew we were at higher risk of birth defects, but nothing prepared me for a phonecall less than 24 hours later asking me to come in and see the consultant.
We were sat down in a room and told that the baby has a 1:14 chance of having Downs Syndrome and offered all sorts of tests and given half an hour to decide whether to have further screening or not.  
To be continued……..

14 thoughts on “6”

  1. Oh cliffhanger ending, but congrats, Syd was a sneaky baby too, didnt find out til late! Hope all works out for the best for you, will be keeping an eye out for your update. I chose not to have any tests with Syd, but it’s a tricky decision that we all have to make for ourselves xx

  2. Wow – I had no idea! Congratulations my lovely. Just make the decision that’s right for you – I hope it all works out xx


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