The Decision

Continuing on from our Finding Out post – Sat in a tiny room, the consultant left the room whilst all the facts and figures whirled around our heads.
She expected a decision today, well within about 15 minutes as the unit would be closed over the NY break and I would be 14 weeks on Wednesday 2nd January and that would be the last day they could perform a CVS, or I could wait until I was 16 weeks and have an Amniocentesis.
Hubby was the rational one, I was an emotional wreck, trying desperately to hold myself together, but I knew we had to find out and the sooner the better.
We told the consultant to go ahead and book the CVS and now have an appointment on 2nd January.
The CVS test involves taking a small amount of cells from the placenta; these are identical to the baby’s cells.  Before the test is performed, an ultrasound scan is carried out to check your dates and the position of both the baby and the placenta.
The skin over the abdomen is cleaned and a fine needle is then passed into the womb, then into the placenta. A sample of placental cells is removed and sent to the laboratory. The position of the needle is monitored by ultrasound throughout the procedure.  It sounds awful!
Hubby went back to work and I went home, where I variated between tears and frustration.

Neither of us slept well that night, but for my own sanity I had to put my fears to the back of my head. The what ifs were not helping and imagining the worst is no good for anyone!

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