Project 365 – 6/52

I have had a really busy week and have been out with the kids most days – shame it is me that is shattered, rather than them!

Hope you enjoy this weeks pictures!!

34.  Self portraits with Daddy
35.  A stroll through Bournemouth Gardens
36.  Not quite brave enough to cuddle a Guinea Pig at the farm!
37.  “Go to sleep Dolly”
38.  A clear run up the pier
39.  Dinosaur “Roar”
40.  Trunki Wars

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 – 6/52”

  1. lol i find that with my two, i do lots of things to try and wear them out and then it is me who is struggling to stay awake by teat time! the trunki photo is funny and your daughter has some fab facial expressions she is always me smile on instagram x

  2. You are doing really well to get out so much, I don’t feel like I am getting out at all at the moment due to work and rubbish weather. Lovely photos and those Trunki’s are great aren’t they?


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