Following on from the decision……

Morning came just like any other and the children kept me occupied until they went off to Nanny’s at 11am.

I drove to hubby’s work to pick him up and then off to Poole hospital where the procedure would be taking place.

We arrived half an hour early, but were pleasantly surprised to find the waiting room almost empty. Sadly this isn’t always a good sign and we weren’t called in until half an hour after my appointment was due.

The consultant was lovely, explained exactly what was going to happen and all the risks involved to make sure we had made an informed decision and were happy to proceed. As we were at such a high risk she also told us that she would push through our test as urgent so we would have our results in 48-72 hours, instead of the more usual two weeks.

I laid on the bed and the consultant proceeded to scan me. She took baby’s measurements and was pleased to find the placenta was anterior and therefore in a good position for the CVS. This took around 10 minutes and then they started to prep me.

First, my tummy was cleaned with a very cold solution (several times). I ended up with some of the solution running around my body onto my back, which made us giggle.

Next up it was time for the local anaesthetic which was put into to numb the skin in my tummy. One word – OUCH!! It really did sting.

Then came the giant needle – I didn’t watch! I just couldn’t so shut my eyes and gripped hubby’s hand – very tightly. I am not going to lie, it hurt a lot! The only part they could numb was the initial entry point, but everything underneath I could feel.

It wasn’t excruciating but it was very uncomfortable, like being pinched and it was impossible to relax through it.  It took minutes but felt like a lifetime and afterwards the baby was scanned again to make sure everything was OK – a good strong heartbeat made us feel better.

At this point, hubby, who had been trying unsuccessfully to avoid watching what was going on (he either had to look at my tummy or the monitor where you could see the needle taking the sample), felt unwell and faint and was taken out of the room but a nurse.

To add insult to injury I then had to have an anti-D injection as my blood group is Rhesus negative, which stung like crazy, but it needed to be done.

I was told to rest for at least 24 hours, which is easier said than done with an almost 2 year old and 4 year old at home, not to lift anything and not to drive, plus to ensure someone was with me.

Unfortunately I had no choice but to drive, as had to pick the kids up from Nanny’s and take them home, and then had a doctors appointment for Isaac later that day as he has had a hacking cough for four weeks and this was the first appointment I could get.

My tummy felt tight and uncomfortable for the rest of the day and I found it really hard to relax, and even harder to resist picking up Eliza, who likes a cuddle with Mummy especially if she is tired.  I am normally an active, independent person and I hate not being able to do things for myself, but I was also incredibly frustrated that no-one was here to look after me and help with the children.

The next day, my tummy still felt tight and uncomfortable and I was paranoid about going to the toilet or doing anything that would put the slightest strain on it, so I tried to stay as relaxed as possible, but at one point I had to break out the hoover as Eliza had managed to mash a cake into the floor.  I can only apologise to the children as I was very grumpy, and forever asking them to tidy up after themselves etc.

By Day 3 I was feeling much better.  The tenderness and tightness had gone, I was just stressed about the impending results, which thankfully came at lunchtime – all clear for Downs Syndrome, but the other tests would take about 10 days to come through.

I don’t think I have ever felt so relieved and was immediately on the phone to hubby to tell him the good news.

We have decided not to tell anyone until the remainder of the results come through, and I am struggling to hide my expanding tummy but I am starting to look forward now, and to get excited about the pregnancy.

If you are looking for support and advice before, during and after a CVS you can contact ARC on 020 7631 0280

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  1. Oh K, I’ve been reading all these posts. Sounds like you have been through a difficult and worrying time . I am hoping that the fact you are now sharing these posts means that all is clear test wise and that everything is progressing well. Big hugs xx

  2. Xxx sounds just like my third pregnancy – except we went for the amino. I still can’t believe that there’s nothing wrong with baby man. Hope you are now relaxing as much as you can x


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