Tree Fu Magic

Tree Fu Magic

Tree Fu Magic is the newest DVD of CBeebies favourite Tree Fu Tom and has been released this week, with a free sticker sheet.

The new DVD has been used a treat for my Tree Fu Tom loving mindee, as well as my own little ones.  Featuring the vocal talents of my favourite ever Dr Who – David Tennant and a previous Dr Who Companion Ace aka Sophie Aldred, this CGI-animated show follows the adventures of Tom Powers, an 8 year old boy who has made an amazing discovery in his garden – the magical world of Treetopolis.

Tree Fu Tom and Friends

What I love about Tree Fu Tom, and subsequently this DVD, is how it links in with the Physical Development area of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).  Physical development is all about movement, awareness of the body, gaining a sense of space and understanding health and what the body needs.  This area of learning looks at how children develop their ability to move their bodies, hands, feet and fingers and use their senses and movements to explore the world around them.

In Tree Fu Magic movement creates ‘big world magic’ and the children are invited to join in with Tom’s moves to help him and his friends overcome adversity.  These movement sequences and instructions are designed to help with children’s co-ordination and are sanctioned by The Dyspraxia Foundation.  My own children and my mindees all love trying to copy Tree Fu Tom’s moves and work extremely hard to get them right!
The DVD also focuses on friendship and working together to overcome adversity and I think it gets this message across simply, without the need to force it on the children.  
From a purely “Mummy” point of view, listening to David Tennant’s voice isn’t a chore either!!
This second collection of episodes from the BAFTA-nominated series comprises:
  • With Friends Like These
  • Buzzworthy
  • Winging It
  • Crytsal Catastrophe
  • Fungua Among Us
  • Big Ranch Rodeo
Tree Fu Magic gets a big thumbs up from us!!

For more information about Tree Fu Tom, but games, songs and stories, why not check out the CBeebies Website.

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