Do you Haggle?

After watching Britain’s Secret Shoppers with hubby on Friday which saw a young couple looking to buy a kitchen and subsequently getting it for less than the initial asking price, it has made me wonder if you haggle.

Justin - Britains Secret Shoppers
Justin from Britain’s Secret Shoppers

Hubby actually works for one of the companies featured in that kitchen episode, so was keen to see things from the other side.  

One of the first things he questioned was, was the Magnet kitchen really worth what they initially quoted (almost £13,000), if they eventually knocked it down in price by over half?  The Wren kitchen was of similar quality and half the price, without the need to haggle! (and he will kill me for saying this, but they could have got a better deal with that too, although not on the Magnet scale).

I wanted to know if people just agree to the first price given there and then, without haggling and he said “Yes” – now that surprised me at first, until I thought back to when we did our kitchen.

At the time, we had both come from a retail background, but it wasn’t sales.  If we even got asked to discount anything the answer was always “No”, so we never questioned the prices quoted.  I remember feeling quite ill when one quote came in at over £12,000 – bet you can’t guess who that was (Looks towards the top of the post).

When hubby moved to selling bathrooms, haggling became common place to him and we have benefited hugely by his new skill as we did actually save over half the cost of our new windows, by a lot of haggling.

Now some people do take it too far and just want something for nothing, but it really is worth it.  I am not sure how successful you would be in somewhere like PC World or Curry’s, but if you are spending a substantial amount of money, especially on home furnishings or in Bed Shops then it has to be worth a try!

I for one will be watching Britain’s Secret Shoppers and add a few more tips to my repertoire!!

So tell me – have you got a really good bargain thanks to your haggling skills, or do you just accept the first price and move on?

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  1. I’m too embarassed to do it in face-to-face situations, but I often haggle when buying on the local facebook selling page. If selling on there, I put my initial asking price higher than I want as most people expect to haggle.


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