A turning point!

Week 23 of pregnancy has seen a real turning point. Unfortunately the sickness doesn’t seem to have dissipated yet, but it comes and goes rather than feeling ill every hour of every day.

Baby is around 11″ long now and I am looking forward to my next scan on Friday to see how big he actually is – I’ve been told I am huge already!

The best bit of this week is that it’s the first week of hubby and the kids being able to feel his movements and he has got himself into the routine of furiously kicking in the evening. Last night Eliza came up for a snuggle and promptly fell asleep across my bump and baby was furiously trying to boot her off!

The worst bit of this week is the return of a few unwanted pregnancy ailments. Heartburn is back with a vengeance, and I feel that Gaviscon is likely to be my friend for the foreseeable future, but if anyone has any more natural remedies I would love to hear them.

I have also had my first bout of cramp – a truly awful and painful experience that seems to come on for no reason at all and I have noticed the start of the Braxton Hicks too, but they aren’t painful!

Other than that, things seem to be progressing nicely. I am keeping on top of my insulin requirements and despite an emergency visit to the GP to replace a broken pen, there have been no issues.

I shall keep you updated and next week I shall hopefully have a scan picture to share!

7 thoughts on “A turning point!”

  1. I hope your sickness disappears soon and you can start enjoying all the cravings. Ouch to the cramps. They’re always so awful! Can’t believe you’re already more than half way!

  2. Hope you start to feel better soon 🙁 can’t be any fun feeling I’ll all the time xx over half way now though! Woohoo xx

  3. Glad you are doing better, I can’t wait for Ash to be able to feel sweet pea. My heartburn touch wood has not been all too awful, I am glad as I hate Gaviscon. Got my GTT test in a few weeks, ugh hate it.
    Can’t wait to see a scan pic xxx


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