The Gallery – Self Portrait

I normally shy away from the gaze of the camera lens when I am pregnant – in fact I can probably count the photographs of me when at my glowing best on one hand.

Looking back it is such a shame. Β It is such a special time – a miracle of life, and I would love to show the kids how I looked when I was pregnant with them.

This time it is different. Β I am very proud of my rather largeΒ bump, even if I do seem to be giving Mike Wazowski a run for his money!

Disneyland Paris
I’m the one in the middle (just in case you weren’t sure!)

Trying to find a picture of just me has proved a challenge – I always seem to get gate crashed by two (they shall remain nameless) little people!

Why not head over to TheStickyFingersBlog to view more self portraits – you can even join in yourself!

21 thoughts on “The Gallery – Self Portrait”

  1. you look swell!! lol how long have you to go? i love the final pic with your two little ones – your children always have the biggest smiles and i can see now they get them from you. beautiful post x

  2. Good for you for embracing the bump! I always had monthly bump update photos in pregnancy. The kids love looking back at them πŸ™‚

  3. Gorgeous pics, loving the bump, I miss mine. Well. It’s still there really, I miss having a valid reason for a big lump of a tummy!

  4. You look amazing with your bump πŸ™‚ I think I only have one photo each of me pregnant with my 3.Kids are so notorious for getting in photos aren’t they?

  5. Ahh, this is gorgeous! I was the same as you – I think there is one photo of me from each trimester, and that’s it! Love the last pic especially, so much happiness and love x

  6. Beautiful photo’s, I only have two photos from my first pregnancy, but couldn’t count how much I took with my second if I tried their are so many!

  7. I love your bump photo, I don’t think I have any of me like that and you’re so right it is a shame


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