Project 365 – Week 20

The week started Sunday with a trip to Christchurch Food Festival, which if I am honest wasn’t as good as it has been previous years but we still came back with some yummy goodies to tantalize our tastebuds.

On Monday Eliza was adamant she wanted to go to Farmer Palmers, however instead of seeing the animals we spent almost all of the day in the hay barn and on the bouncy castle.

Tuesday was a bit wet, so we spent most of it indoors, however the sun came out after school so we headed to the park for a brief spell of fresh air before the rain returned!

Wednesday was swimming with Eliza day, and as it was the Europa Cup final, Daddy got all the Chelsea bears down from the “shrine” and Eliza arranged a tea party whilst the match was on.  We did manage to scare her a couple of times with our shrieks but she has now nailed shouting the word “shoot” when we get near the goal!

Thursday was raining (again), so the boys out the XBox Kinect and were boxing, rowing and giggling their way through the games.

Friday saw me having to call on Abbey and her boyfriend to help me unload the new bathroom tiles from the car, after which they proceeded to wind the kids up so they wouldn’t go to bed!

We visited a new play area on Saturday and the little ones were delighted with the dressing up outfits on offer.  I love this picture!!

131.  Mummy – I want this Giant Ice Cream
132.  Master at climbing ladders
133.  Off to the park
134.  The Chelsea Tea Party – Europa League final
135.  Kinect fun
136.  Big Sister kisses
137.  The Dragon and Princess Strawberry

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  1. He has to be the cutest Dragon that I’ve ever seen and look at Princess Strawberry, she’s like a little blonde cherub, absolutely gorgeous pictures x

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