BigJigs Toys – Learn to Count

There are lots of ways to learn to count:

  • Counting stairs
  • Counting animals
  • Counting cars
I could go on and on but the list is endless.

As part of BigJigs Toys Play Patrol, we were sent the Learn to Count toy to review along with a rather cool backpack for Isaac and Eliza, plus an official tester t-shirt and a certificate!

Bigjigs Toys
The Learn to Count toy is recommended for ages 24 months and up, but although Eliza is the official reviewer, Isaac put it through its paces too!

Like all Bigjigs Toys it is a bold, colourful and tactile wooden toy that is built to last.

Bigjigs Toys

It comes with a solid base with a pegboard & dots, colourful stacking discs and numbered tiles.  Perfect for practicing dexterity as well as early counting, colour and number identification.

Eliza most enjoyed stacking the discs, but it was Isaac who got the most from this toy.  He counted the dots and matched up the coloured discs, counting them onto the pegs before adding the numbered squares to their corresponding position.

Play Patrol

It isn’t that often that Isaac and Eliza play nicely together, but he was so patient with her and explained where each coloured disc had to go and then counted them all with her.

Isaac is working on basic addition and subtraction at school, and this is the perfect tool to help him.  My next plan is to use the discs to make simple sums for him and to progress Eliza up from counting from 10 up to 20 (she currently gets lost somewhere around 14).

Eliza is a little over enthusiastic taking the discs off the peg board to start again, so I ended up with a couple disappearing under the sofa as they rolled away. If you have a more contained area to use this toy, then I strongly recommend using it…….however chasing after rolling discs can be fun too!!

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