Our perfect buggy for holiday!

When planning our trip away it got my thinking about whether to take a buggy or leave it at home.

Disneyland Paris do hire buggies, but when looking into it not only does it require a massive deposit, but they are large, cumbersome and don’t recline – no good if a child wants to nap.

I toyed with the idea of taking our Maxi Cosi Noa, which I bought last year for trips on public transport.  It is light, small, folds one handed and you can pull it along like a suitcase with a special handle when folded, BUT hang even one bag on it and it feels unstable and there is no real basket underneath.

When I bought the Noa, I had my heart set on the Britax B-Agile but finances at the time didn’t allow.  Like the Noa it folds one handed, but has a bigger seat unit and oodles (official term) of storage!  If I am honest, I wish I had waited and bought it a month or so later as since having it I have realised just how versatile it is.

Disneyland Paris
I went for the original model as the price had come down substantially from last year, however the new models come in some gorgeous colours including Plum and Sky Blue.  It is so light to push even hubby commented how comfortable it was, even when loaded with children and all the paraphernalia they come with and it turns on a pin, with one hand!

We got it on the train with no problem at all – it folds nice and flat with one hand and locks in position without any fiddling and is super easy to release when the time comes to put it back up.

The seat is nice and big and comfortably holds Eliza (2) and Isaac and it has a large hood which extends right over them to protect them from the sun, so no need to take a parasol.

The Britax B-Agile4 also lies completely flat, which came in handy when they fell asleep, as they stayed safe and comfortable.  

The very best bit is the storage – the basket is huge – we packed in 5 coats and 5 jumpers and you can easily access the basket from the sides and the back.  There is also a huge pocket on the back of the hood (which is fully detachable).

On the first day in the park, I made the mistake of taking in too many bags, but soon rectified this and used the hood pocket to store all the changing bag equipment / emergency clothes changes / suncream / hats / snoozeshade etc.  It was ideal!

I did take my handbag in too, as we wanted somewhere to store the camera etc, when we had to leave the buggy outside rides, and I hung that across the handlebars with no problem and the buggy stayed perfectly balanced, even without a child inside.

My only grumble with the buggy is that the handle is not adjustable, but it was so comfortable to push it didn’t actually matter, and the seat is adjusted by a strap at the back – it does mean that you can adjust it to any position you want, but I find the straps hanging a little unsightly.

If you are looking for a buggy that comfortably holds a larger child, carries a lot of luggage and is light to push – this is perfect!  What’s more, I can use it from birth for the new baby and attach the car seat to it, creating a travel system!

I do wish we took the double though, as Disney required lots of walking which resorted in a few squabbles over who got to sit in the pushchair.  It is not recommended, but we did manage to squeeze them both in on occasions, just for some peace!

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  1. We’ve got a Britax B-Smart and I LOVE it! We had a Bébé Confort Loola with L 6 years ago and it was so flimsy and a horrible “drive”, while the B-Smart is so easy to manipulate – even on and off the tube. We’ve got the full travel system too with the Baby Safe Sleeper which we used as a pram, car seat and crib for C’s first 4 months, we now have the Baby Safe as her car seat. I would fully recommend all of the above, love them!


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