The Name Game

I have written this post over and over in my head, different frustrations coming to the forefront at different times.

We are struggling with baby names!
I have never experienced this dilemma before and always scoffed at people who still haven’t named their baby a few weeks after birth, but now I understand their predicament.
Had this baby been of the pink variety there would have been no problem, although my original choice of Jemima would have been replaced with Clara thanks to Dr Who (probably).
Now we have been scouring TV credits, name books, websites etc but nothing seems to have grabbed us.
I have a few names I like, but hubby hates them and an original choice was scuppered thanks to my SIL who gave the name to her puppy.
With Isaac, we had the name Noah as a back up, but having listened to the older ones shouting “NO- aahhh” at him when trying to stop him from whatever he is disrupting has put me off the name.
Also trying to please them is a nightmare as any suggestions are normally met with “There is a “xxxx” in my class and he is a numpty” or just a plain “Yuk”.
I am not a traditionalist but I tend to favour old fashioned names (we have an Abigail, Isaac and Eliza), but we also like Gaelic names too (Callan and Kian).
I cannot go for another name beginning with a “C” or a “K” as I get confused enough as it is and still think the Rooney’s are mad having two children with the same initials – imagine the post confusion as they get older!!
So I am reaching out to my followers – do you have any suggestions??
The only rule we have is:
The name cannot end with a “Y” or and “IE” as it won’t go with our surname!

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  1. We spent a long time deliberating a week after his birth we finally agreed on Charlie only to find now aged 6 he is one of 3 just in his class. Megan is less popular but I obviously got it right 3rd time with Olive …. Pretty and unique … Who’d have thought my cravings would have been so useful!

    For boys I like Oscar, Jasper, Elijah and Milo but I’d have to think long and hard as I feel so guilty that Charlie is always referred to by his friends as Charlie Giltrow … and the we call him Moo he must feel like his name is pants!

    Good Luck

  2. I am afraid I am no good, as I cannot decide on a boys name either!! Although I still have 15 weeks until the birth, both my husband and I have been through two entire name books and can’t agree on one!! I also have the rule that they can’t have the same initial, good luck and I am sure it will be lovely whatever you decide xxx

  3. I have an Abigail too! We were the couple who still hadn’t decided on her name when she was a couple of days old. We would have found a boy really easy but girls names were an issue. I really likes James, Rory and Leon. We went through the top 100 list for the previous year and ruled out the top 15 (as a Tracy didn’t want her to be one of many girls with the popular name)and took it from there.

    • I don’t want a really popular name as Abbey hated having 5 others in her class (I thought it was unusual until after I named her and baby Abi Humphries was snatched!)
      Rory doesn’t work with our surname sadly, Leon is our neighbours boy and James is my nephew lol

  4. I would have had the same problem if I’d had a girl. I agree with you about Noah – I used to like that but changed my mind. What about Josiah? I also quite like Reuben and Ezra and I love Bear (though Unhusband would never have let me get away with that one!) Good luck. btw I (unintentionally) named my daughter after a potato


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