Elephant’s Birthday Bells & Lion’s Speedy Sauce by Carrie and David Grant

We were sent Elephant’s Birthday Bells and Lion’s Speedy Sauce by Carrie and David Grant to review.

Carrie and David Grant

Carrie and David Grant

Carrie and David Grant are the creators of hit CBeebies series Pop Shop and have come up with a brand-new range of six energetic picture books, all about MAKING MUSIC! 

Along with Meercat, Sheep, Giraffe and Polar Bear, meet Elephant, whose trumpeting is too loud for the family band, and Lion, who finds an edible solution to keeping in time. 

Each book includes a CD with 7 tracks including a narration, a sing-along song and lesson plans written by Carrie and David. So what are you waiting for? JUMP UP and JOIN IN!

The books are filled with colourful characters and the stories are fun and engaging.  Eliza likes to point to the pictures and identify the animals and what instrument they are playing, whereas Isaac is starting to read them himself, although he does need some help with the bigger words.

David and Carrie Grant

Each book comes with a CD which features the Theme Tune, a welcome, Carrie and David reading the story and then an original track from each story plus lessons on different musical elements (such as scales and rhythm) and a karaoke version so the kids can sing themselves – the lyrics are also in the book.

The books encouarge children to enjoy music, sing along and get up and dance – the perfect rainy day activity.  Just don’t read them before bed……….they won’t want to go to sleep!!

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