Something for Dad *Guest Post*

It’s just three days until Father’s Day and, if you haven’t come up with that perfect treat for the dad in your life, the clock is well and truly ticking! The problem is, buying for chaps can be tricky. We all know how much our mums appreciate the yearly flowers, bubble baths and choccies, but the classic fall-back ‘dad gift’ of socks or a novelty tie can seem, well, a little naff.

It might be unfair to stereotype, but one of the reasons buying for blokes is such a pain is they so rarely seem to want anything, at least anything sensible. Unless it’s a top-of-the-line hybrid carbon fibre bike with pneumatic disc brakes and a cannon attached, or the latest extortionate games console, there’s not much that the average feller seems to really fancy.

Sadly, you and/or your three year old probably don’t have the budget for a vintage Rolls Royce or a state-of-the-art microlight. So, what do you give the man who doesn’t want socks, but doesn’t seem to want anything else (within reason) either? If you’re struggling for Father’s Day inspiration, whether you’re helping your little ones to choose or buying for your own old feller, here are a few ideas to help you plan something really special.

Action stations!

For the man who has everything, a little adventure can go a long way, especially if that also means spending some quality time with his nearest and dearest (though he’ll probably never admit to that). Instead of a physical gift, why not arrange an activity or a day out you know he’ll love? If he’s a regular Tarzan, take him bouldering or on an action-packed adventure trail. If he’s more of a thrill-seeker, what about quad-biking or mountain-boarding? Zorbing, geocaching, bouldering – there’s loads of awesome stuff to try that’s suitable for all dads, from the Arnold Schwarzeneggers to the coach potatoes.

Something practical

Adventure not his bag? It’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with a practical yet ingenious gadget. Have a little think about tasks he does all the time (and grumbles about doing even more), then take a look for the gadget which will make his life that little bit easier. Whether it’s a specialist grill cleaning implement or a chilled beer holder for his sit-on lawnmower, solving life’s little niggles is a great way to go about finding something for dad.

Identify a niche

What’s the dad in your life really into? Is it cooking? Computers? Darts? The music of Bon Jovi? It doesn’t matter how cheesy or embarrassing it is, every father has his own pet passion. Once you’ve found it, a spot of internet research should help you find a gift that ticks just the right box. Whether it’s a signed Bon Joni poster or a set of personalised darts, he’s sure to love your gift just because of the careful thought that’s gone into it.


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