The Induction Part 2

After less than 3 hours sleep I was grumpy and still having regular contractions.

Hubby arrived at 9.30am and we were told that no-one would see us until 11:40 and then I would be examined to see if they could break my waters and remove the propess, so we decided to go for a walk.

St Mary's Hospital Poole


We got back in plenty of time and found the ante natal ward packed to the rafters!   After reminding the midwife I was waiting, we were seen and I was relieved that I was 2cm dilated and they’d be able to break my waters.
We then got the bad news that delivery suite was full, as was post natal so there was a long wait ahead, so I got bouncing on my birthing ball.


Now the propress had been removed my contractions got less and less and even a walk wasn’t going to bring them back on!  I have to admit I shed a few tears at 3pm as I was so fed up with waiting and convinced myself I wouldn’t be going to the delivery suite today.
At 4pm I got the news they were taking me downstairs – and we’re coming to get me…….thank goodness!! Hubby and I were joking about what time we though baby would arrive as both Eliza and Isaac took just two hours from when they broke my waters!!
Sadly it wasn’t as simple as that!!

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  1. Cor blimey this is bringing back some memories, it could have been my labour! My waters broke by themselves but resealed. My contractions started at 3am and increased to every 6 minutes for a minute at a time, then they stopped and I was convinced I wasn’t going to be in the delivery suite!


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