Project 365 – Week 26

It has been a busy week in the Chelseamamma house this week as we try and establish some sort of routine.  I am so thankful Sebastian is a content baby and Eliza has welcomed him with open arms, in fact she just wants to “cuggle him” all the time!!

Isaac appears to be the one struggling the most so we are trying to make him as included as possible.  Daddy fixed his bike this week and has been busy chasing him around the block whilst he gets the hang of using the peddles and the brake!!

We had a newborn photo shoot on Wednesday, which was fantastic.  I cannot wait to see the professional shots as mine taken just on the phone are beautiful.

As for me, I overdid it on Monday making the short walk to school, so have spent most of the week with my feet up……..I did manage a sneaky park trip though and it was lovely seeing Eliza running around enjoying herself as she is a real outdoor girl!

Here is my week in pictures………

Project 365

175.  Big sister “Cuggles”
176.  Out picking Isaac up from school
177.  Newborn photo shoot
178.  Not impressed with his first bath
179.  Four out of six children
180.  Swiiiiiiing
181.  Learning to ride his bike

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  1. awwww i have been seeing your gorgeous pics on instagram. i am sure Isaac will be ok soon – i guess its all a bit strange to begin with having this new crying baby in the house.i cant wait to see your professional new born photos again i saw some in the week and they were gorgeous. xx


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