2 weeks new

Wow – time has certainly flown by and I cannot believe my new little man is 2 weeks old already!!

This also means that Daddy has to go back to work – 2 weeks Paternity is not enough!

Having a newborn in the house again is fantastic.  I am lucky that he is a contended little man and doesn’t need to be cuddled 24 hours a day – he does have a good stretch of sleep in his moses basket a couple of times a day and loves being in the car or pram.

Days 1 to 6 (1-3 on left, 4-6 on right)

Night times are not too bad, although I do seem to have re-aquainted myself with 4am & 5am, but that is as much to do with Isaac and Eliza being early birds too.  We have fixed the Gro-clock and are now working to keep them in bed longer and then I am hoping that Sebastian may stay settled for longer.  I have to admit that we do co-sleep at the moment due to the fact that he wakes up as soon as the light goes off and it means mummy gets some much needed sleep too.

I am breastfeeding and Sebastian has taken to it so well, in fact I must be a Jersey Cow (Mooooo!) as he has gone from 6lb 11oz at birth, dropped to 6lb 1oz and was weighed yesterday at 7lb 4oz!!

Sebastian is starting to have more awake time now and enjoys being spoken to and gazes at our faces intently.  The kids love having cuddles with him and I really struggle getting him back from Eliza who gets quite possessive of him, but she has been brilliant and doesn’t appear to be affected by his arrival at all.

Days 7-12 (7-9 on left, 10-12 on right)

Isaac is the one who is struggling and we have had some challenging behaviour, but (fingers crossed) we appear to be coming out the other side already by making sure they all get positive attention.  The sticker chart has been resurrected too, which has made a real difference.

The only time Sebastian really cries is when we change his nappy.  He really hates been undressed and naked and his first bath was noisy.  The second bath however, he slept through so we will just have to wait and see.  I am still waiting for his cord to fall off, but its nearly there – the midwife says another couple of days.

Snoozing in his snugglbundl

I love being a mum to a newborn again and am making the most of the snuggles as I know they grow up far too fast!

Mummy Snuggles


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