My View of Maternity Care

It is no secret that I have had a challenging pregnancy – an early CVS, gestational diabetes and polyhydramnios as well as the more common pregnancy ailments!

I have to say that my care was fantastic and much as I moaned about having a consultant appointment and scan every two weeks it was for the best and I now have a perfect little boy.  The care whilst on ante-natal whilst I was being induced was also fantastic, despite the midwives being rushed of their feet – the only thing that let it down was the other noisy patients and the food!
I couldn’t have wished for a better team on the delivery suite and despite the issues I was confident I was in safe hands, especially the anaesthetist who was so reassuring and kind.  When I went upstairs to the transitional care unit they couldn’t have been more friendly and welcoming and as a 6th time parent I was worried I’d be left to it, but as I’d had a Caesarian they were attentive and caring and more than happy to answer my zillions of questions and worries. The only thing I would have liked is a private room as I couldn’t sleep on the ward due to other people’s babies screaming.
The only thing I was frustrated about was the refusal to prescribe me painkillers to take home which meant that I had to phone the out of hours doctor to get something stronger than paracetamol and ibruprofen.
My home care however hasn’t been great.  My first midwife visit on our first day home was great, and she spent lots of time making sure I was comfortable and giving hubby and I lots of advice on recovery.
On Day 7 I had some bleeding from my Caesarian wound and was worried.  I phoned the midwives and although they were so friendly and helpful on the phone , no one could come out and see me so they suggested I phone my GP. To give them their due though, they did offer to phone my GP if I couldn’t get an urgent appointment – which ended up being the case.  Why is it receptionists don’t listen?  I had a request from the midwife that I see a doctor or nurse immediately, but they refused point blank…….not good when you are tired, emotional and in pain and I have to admit to bursting into tears when trying to get an appointment.
I did get to see the nurse the following day who examined me and reassured me that there was nothing to worry about.  A couple of the stitches were pulled very tight so she advised I applied some Vaseline to it which has helped, although feeling the scar and stitches gave me the eebie jeebies!
My next appointment with the midwife was the day 10 handover appointment.  No midwives were in my area that day so they arranged to see me on Day 11 instead, only I got a phone call to say they couldn’t make it.  Thankfully I had no worries so it wasn’t a problem but if I’d have been a first time mum in need of support it would have been a concern.
They booked me in for Day 12 but couldn’t give me a time…….anytime between 8am and 8pm which isn’t ideal as it means you are stuck in all day, which I was as the midwife finally turned up just after 6pm which is bedlam time in our house.  I have never had such a whistlestop appointment. A few quick fire questions, a super fast weigh in where I couldn’t even put a towel on the scales for the baby and a glance at my scar – boom she was gone – Even my MIL commented on how impersonal and fast she was.

I am now under the care of the Health Visitor who isn’t much better, but thankfully I don’t need to see her now until Sebastian is 6 weeks old.  The good news is that Sebastian is doing well, he passed his hearing test and is putting on weight.  Good job really, as my local clinic has moved to somewhere that isn’t local and I cannot get there unless I drive, which I can’t do for 6 weeks………they really don’t think sometimes!!

3 thoughts on “My View of Maternity Care”

  1. Reading about putting Vaseline on the scar actually made me wince!
    So glad Sebastian is doing well 🙂

  2. Glad you had good care before, during and immediately after the birth. Not so good in the time you’ve been home. I was worried about your scar when talking to you on twitter. Hugs x

  3. Still can’t believe you didn’t get drugs to take home! Hope you are on the mend and getting plenty of rest. Enjoy your new little dude – he’s so cute!! xxx


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