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I have breastfed all my children and the change in maternity / nursing fashion has been staggering and all for the better.

20 years ago, when I had my first daughter (yes, I know I don’t look old enough), there was no such thing as a nursing top, never mind a dress.  In fact I don’t remember having anything for my 16 and 12 year old either.

Thankfully things have improved more recently and more and more nursing wear is now available.  Designs were very limited and mumsy when I had Isaac 5 years ago, but now you can get tops and dresses that you can’t even tell are for nursing.

It was National Breastfeeding week a couple of weeks ago and I did tweet asking for people’s tips for where they got their nursing wear from when I saw this review from Lucy at Dear Beautiful for  The dress she reviewed was beautiful, although not my style so I decided to have a look at their website.  I was specifically on the look out for a Maxi Dress and fell in love with this one.

Milk & Mummy
The Peony Maxi Dress is made by Mothers En Vogue and is made from 95% Modal and 5% Spandex, which gives it a lovely drape which skims the post-pregnancy body.  It is all black apart from the striking floral detail on the skirt.
I purchased the dress and was so excited when it arrived the next day.  Not only does it fit beautifully, but it is lovely and cool which is so important in this heatwave and it enables me to feed Sebastian discreetly – in fact I was feeding him at the Blue Pool Tea Rooms surrounded by people and no-one was any the wiser.
Mothers En Vogue
 The colour print also has sequins on it, which really adds to the effect of the flowers.
Milk & Mummy
The dress also washes beautifully, as I have washed and worn a couple of time already – the joys of a new baby!!
Milk & Mummy
If you are on the hunt for practical yet stylish maternity and nursing wear, then do check out  They have a lovely range suitable for occasions, as well as breastfeeding covers and baby bibs too – I have my eye on a couple more items.
You can also like them on facebook, follow them on twitter @milkandmummy or view their blog for the latest news and offers.

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