Project 365 – Week 29

I cannot believe my little man is 4 weeks old already, which means it’s just two weeks until I can drive again!!

I am gradually starting to get out a bit more, although completely overdid this week on a visit to The Blue Pool as didn’t realise quite how far we had to walk.  It was well worth it though as it’s a stunning location and Eliza adored having the freedom to run around.

This week marks the start of the school holidays.  Kian broke up on Friday and Isaac finishes on Wednesday so now starts the hunt for free days out locally as there is no way we are staying cooped up all summer.  I have already had teenage strops from Kian who wants to stay attached to technology all day (although he does love it when we are out and about), I just hope I survive the school holidays as he is trying my patience already!!

195.  Testing out her new Miffy Beach Set – we ended up with more sand in the paddling pool than the sand table!
196.  Sebastian is the spitting image of Kian in this picture
197.  Isaac with his school made superhero cape
198.  Eliza and I posing at The Blue Pool
199.  Beachside fun
200.  Scooting racing
201.  First smiles

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 29”

  1. i cannot believe Sebastian is 4 weeks old already either. it goes by too fast. first smiles are always an important mile stone arent they and once they start they do not stop x

  2. how time flies, it is definitely hard when you are tired and the older ones play up, but then they feel left out so you cant won.
    Love the first smiles, the first if many firsts to come.

  3. Gorgeous pictures of Sebastian, his first smiles are so cute! I also love the scooter racing picture of them all and you and Eliza – you are looking very well by the way.


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