Adverts on Kids TV

This week I have noticed that Disney Junior have started showing adverts on their channel which is has annoyed me greatly as I think all children’s TV channels should not show any form of adverts.

I had to stop the kids watching Nick Jr due to the stupid amount of adverts there and thankfully they were happy with CBeebies and Disney Jr.  Now the only channel not to show ads is Cbeebies.

Adverts are most to blame for the “I want” culture that seems to be growing and thanks to this change on Disney Jr Isaac now wants a Superman flying toy and hasn’t stopped going on about it!

I can see a place for adverts in adult TV but even they seem to be increasing.  There was once a time where you could watch a half hour program that was actually half an hour. Now you get 3 minutes of adverts to endure in the middle.  It’s so bad that I invariably sky+ the show and then fast forward through the ads…….American TV is the worst!

We pay our TV licence to the BBC and I like that they have no ads, so why if we pay subscription to Virgin / Sky do we have to put up with them there too.  Maybe they should launch an “ad free package” – I would certainly pay an extra couple of £ a month to be advert free!

3 thoughts on “Adverts on Kids TV”

  1. I totally agree with you. It infuriates me that they show adverts on kids tv. Chester is obsessed with the cilit bang advert. That’s not a good obsession for a 4 year old!

  2. I couldn’t agree more, my son is not yet affected by the ads but I find them so repetitive and annoying.

  3. I agree and think there are far too many adverts on the children’s channels, I find it helpful to say to the kids that if they see something that they like then they must put it on their Christmas list for Santa and if they are very very good then they may get some of the toys on their list. This usually stifles the ‘I want’ attitude the adverts create x


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