My Poor Feet

I went shoe shopping today…….not for the kids for a change, but for me.

I am not a huge shoe horder unlike my daughter – I am at the age where comfort is key and I rarely go out anywhere that requires dressy shoes.

Now I was young once (yes really) and I was rather partial to wearing platform shoes when they became popular again when the Spice Girls wore them… fact I preferred them whilst working behind the bar as they were more comfy than heels and gave me a bit of height!

What I saw today really surprised me……….. the young women of today are practically wearing stilts!  Heels so high that I have no idea how they can walk for 5 minutes, never mind dance.  My daughter claims they are comfortable, but she walks awkwardly when she wears them as do most women when parading around in these co called “Skyscraper heels”.

Much as I have to admit that these shoes aren’t sensible, they are beautiful to look at and I looked longingly at a very sparkly pair of women’s sandals.  Sadly for me the sensible part of my brain engaged and said no and I walked away empty handed as I know that I probably couldn’t even get my feet in if I wanted to.

As a child my mum would only let me wear Clarks or Startrite shoes to protect my young feet.  As soon as I was old enough, i ditched the sensible shoes for heels – even when pregnant.

20 years on I regret it.  Wearing heels and platform shoes constantly, plus walking around 10 miles per day when I worked in a busy supermarket for years has ruined my poor feet.  I have arthritis in both and the foot I managed to trap under a pallet of carrier bags is swollen and painful still.  I even had steroid injections to help me walk up the aisle 8 years ago it was that bad.

What worries me is that shoes appear to be getting ever more ridiculous in design.  Not only are they getting higher, but some don’t even appear to have a heel and I worry that my daughter will end up suffering like me.  However, she is more than happy to wear a pair of sensible flats and seems to have the right balance between the two so should be OK.

I think I will just have to admire the sparkly shoes in the shop window from afar!

**This is a commissioned post**

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