Medela Swing Breast Pump Review

I am a big believer in breastfeeding giving babies the best start and hubby agrees with me, however he does feel he misses out on that bond you get when you feed a tiny baby (well until he gets offered a night feed).

I have always tried to express milk once breastfeeding has been established and have have always struggled to find the best breast pump in the past which I find are very hard work.  I now have arthritis in my left hand so was keen to try an electric pump to see if its any easier.
 I was sent the Medela Swing Pump to review which is perfect for light to moderate use.
The Medela Swing Pump is a multi award winning breast pump with the latest technology and promises to be quiet, discreet and efficient.

It is easy to assemble and use which is always a plus.  As with all breast pumps there is a small valve which could get lost when cleaning, so I would advise that you washed the pump up separately from other items.  You can however purchase more valves if need be.

Although it is not silent, it is surprisingly quiet when running and none of the kids noticed that I had it on.  The 2-phase expression technology means that when you first start pumping there is a slightly quicker but less strong level of suction to mimic the early sucks of your baby that initiate the let-down reflex and causes the milk to start flowing. Once the milk starts (or by default after about 2 minutes) then the second style of pumping kicks in and you can choose to make it stronger or weaker depending on comfort.

I have developed mastitis twice so far and this pump has been a godsend.  The level of control is a great addition and as I had a cracked nipple it mean’t I could have the pump on a more gentle setting which wasn’t painful.  I was shocked how the two different types of pumping caused me to express more milk than I was ever able to with a manual pump even in these early stages of breastfeeding and much quicker too.

The unit can also be run on batteries as well as the mains, so is perfect for taking on holiday or even to work.
The breast pump comes with one Calma feeding bottle which is designed to help maintain their natural feeding behaviour learned on the breast.  Babies are able to pause, breathe and drink regularly and the one size of teat will carry you right through the entire breastfeeding period.
I was also sent the breast care pack, which I now carry around in my handbag.  Containing breastpads, nipple cream containing 100% lanolin and hydrogel pads which help relieve breastfeeding problems such as sore and cracked nipples -you simply place the cooling pad on the skin and the pads provide moisture to keep your skin smooth and, in doing so, ease the pain of sore nipples between feeds. Because the nipple area is kept moist, the Hydrogel Pads create an environment that promotes the healing process.
I certainly prefer using the electric breast pump as it’s more comfortable and faster than a manual pump – just wish it would teach Seb how to take a bottle!!

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  1. After much research I bought this one when C was born and it’s pretty good – better than the Avent electric one I had when L was a baby. The joy, as you say, is getting them to take the bottle!


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