Jungle Dogs Lunchbox / Party Recipes


Jungle Skewers x 4

Jungle Dogs
Yellow Pepper
Cherry Tomato
Mini Skewers

Simply thread chunks of Jungle Dog, cucumber, yellow pepper and cherry tomato onto mini skewers for lunchboxes and picnics

Jungle Potato Salad

Jungle Dogs
Cooked Sliced Potato
Red Onion
Creme Fraiche

Cook and thinly slice the potato.  Add sliced Jungle Dogs to potato with Red Onion and mix with creme fraiche and mayonnaise.

Wild Lunchbox Wrap 

Jungle Dogs
Soft Cheese
Salad Leaves
Tortilla Wrap

Spread soft cheese, houmous or mayonnaise on to the wrap.  Add Jungle Dog, grated carrot, and a few salad leaves.  Roll up and eat.

Lion Bites

Jungle Dogs
Sliced Bread
Soft Cheese

Spread two slices of bread with soft cheese mixed with ketchup.  Slice Jungle Dogs and add between the two slices of bread like a sandwich.  For added fun, use a shape cutter to make it into your favourite animal!

Snake Eyes

Jungle Dogs
Cream Cheese
Cocktail Sticks

Spread slices of thin  salami with cream cheese.  Place a Jungle Dog in the centre and roll up each slice.  Cut each roll into chunky slices and pierce with a cocktail stick.

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  1. I tried this jungle dog lunchbox for my kid’s birthday party. It simply complemented my chosen jungle party theme. During the party, the kids were dressed in costumes, while I opted to buy jungle themed balloons for the decoration


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