GCSE Disappointment

In my heart I knew it was coming……..disappointing GCSE results.

They are not horrendous by any means – he got 4 C’s and 3 D’s but the subject he  was predicted an A for he got a D – something somewhere went badly wrong.

My son is no angel.  His school reports always tell me that he does the bare minimum, could try harder, gets easily  distracted etc etc and as he lives with his Dad now I cannot police it myself.

For the last year I have had promises that he has been doing his work, taking extra classes and had made fantastic improvements in his grades, with his Dad keeping close contact with the school……….it now appears this has not happened.

I am worried that my son will not be allowed to do the course he wants to do at A-Level and am frustrated that no teacher was there to talk to about his results.  He has an appointment with his teachers next week to discuss his future but I have now found out that his Dad is going away on holiday on Sunday and won’t be with him.  Home alone at 16 and making these decisions without a guiding hand to help him is unacceptable. 

I shall be phoning the school when it opens next week to make an appointment I can get to so we can all sit down together and decide what direction he should take next.  As kids young adults have to stay at school until they are 17 now can they refuse to offer him the course he wants to do?

I know GCSE’s are not the be all and end all.  I did well in mine and have had fairly decent jobs that pay ok, yet hubby didn’t get good grades and has worked in a job he enjoys and is doing very well.  My son just doesn’t seem to have that work ethic yet – he would rather sit glued to a games console all day!

Wish me luck with the school next week (and with his Dad trying to sort out someone to look after him).

7 thoughts on “GCSE Disappointment”

  1. Oh gosh good luck. Is there something – jobwise – he has his heart set on that you can focus on to get him more motivated? Or can you find something he would like to do to help him feel more focused? Oh how I dread these years of exams and results. I really feel for you.

  2. What a difficult time for you. Not having got to that stage yet I don’t have any pearls of wisdom, but having got to know you I know you will make every effort to guide him as much as you possibly can, and as parents thats all we can do.

    I didn’t even know they have to stay at school til 17, which if this is the case for all kids I think its brilliant. I think all young people need that extra year after GCSE’s to continue education in some way.


  3. I had been predicted A&B’s for my GCSE’s and I was terribly disappointed when I mostly got C’s. But like you say its not the end of the world and these things can be easily rectified with the right support and guidance. Does the career path he wants to take have an alternative route? Might be worth a bit of a search x

  4. I’ve been pondering on these things of late even though my eldest is only 9 so it’s a long way off. Should I have an idea what suits him, should I be guiding him towards and aspiring for him to go to University? He is a year behind his class and I’m starting to worry.

    Hubby and I didn’t do well in our GCSEs, neither of us did A-Levels or went to University. We messed around learnt to love one another and life and discovered what we wanted to do, lots of vocational courses, hard work backed by determination to do well for our family. We’re not scientists but do well for ourselves now.

    Support him to learn what he wants and results will follow xx


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