It’s V-Day

I’m currently sat in the waiting room waiting for hubby who is having a vasectomy today and feeling very tearful.

We have 4 beautiful children between us and I have 6 in total and we both agree that our family is complete but it’s still emotional knowing that I will never be pregnant again, never feel a baby kicking in my tummy and never be able to hold our newborn in my arms again.
There is also the worry that comes with any form of surgery.  We know lots of people who have had the snip, 99% sailed through with no issues but there is always the one exception to the rule and it was so recent that he is still off work fighting an infection.
I am preparing to walk out of this waiting room, with a husband walking like John Wayne for a few days and trying to fend off our children who think nothing of clambering into Daddy’s lap for a cuddle – careful just doesn’t register with them!  I might even let him play Xbox for a few hours!

4 thoughts on “It’s V-Day”

  1. Hope all went well, when my hub had his I was recovering from a c-section so 0 sympathy! Funnily enough I’ve had all the children I want but keep getting tearful about them all growing up this week. x


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