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Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a difference, especially during periods of change.
The prospect of your children leaving home is often an exciting time for both parents and children alike. For many mums, it can be bittersweet, with over 75% expressing some sort of sadness when their child moved out for the first time.
With around 45% of under-35s admitting they had never bought a toothbrush, toothpaste or shampoo before leaving home, it’s not surprising that parents can feel concerned about their children flying the nest.
However, little deeds can make the difference before this exciting but nerve-wracking step, such as teaching your children how to cook or do their laundry. Even something as simple as showing them what products you use can ease the transition, with a quarter of children who use the same products as their parents saying they do so because reminds them of being at home.
We think by doing ordinary things, we can make a difference to our own and the lives of those around us.  P&G calls the impact of these seemingly ordinary moments the “Everyday Effect”.

To help make a difference to other parents nervous about their children flying the nest, P&G have offered me hamper containing Ariel Actilift, Lenor Fabric Softener, a Gillette Razor (you can choose mens or womens) and Nigel Slaters 30 Minute Cookbook to giveaway to one of my readers. 

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    304 thoughts on “Win a P&G Everyday Effect Hamper”

    1. Soap. I think because as a child we are always encourages to wash. Between being asked if we had washed our hands and face, when the reply was yes. Mum would then ask if we had washed behind our ears. Then washing our hands before meals was another encouragement of mums. It is such a frequent act, comforting to be clean and fresh, reminded of home. Whilst also reminded of mum and her caring nature.

    2. pot pourri 🙂 me and my cousin always used to sit bemused at the little smelly bits of paper ripped up and put in a bowl on the table

    3. Lenor, or any washing liquid… used to sit in front of the washing machine as a kid and watch the water slosh around, then hold on during the spin cycle and talk like a robot.

    4. Furniture polish, my nan used to spray the whole house with the stuff near enough every day. We found out eventually I was allergic to the stuff, was ill a lot as a child.

    5. Mr Sheen Furniture Polish. Loved the smell. Can’t use it now as it’s not good for my health but can still rememeber the smell of it 🙂

    6. Starch, Mum always used Colmans Starch for sheets, shirts, tablecloths, my cotton dresses and even my bouffant petticoats, everything I wore was crisp and crease free.

    7. Those jelly type air fresheners. There was nothing in the house that would make it smell bad but those air fresheners were (and still are) everywhere!

    8. the little bags you could but washing tablets in, then sometimes got folded into my clothes when my nan wasn’t paying attention

    9. Johnson’s Baby Wipes, in the old round tub where you pulled one out at a time. I went to uni in 1999 and my Mum found a tub in the cupboard and asked if I wanted to take them with me. They had a coupon on the back for 50p off your next tub. It expired on 31 December 1987!!!! x


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