Christmas is Coming

I hate to say it but Christmas is coming and the kids have started with the ever growing lists of  “I wants”!

The shops are starting to display Christmas goodies, there is a distinct increase in toy adverts on the kids TV channels and Isaac has already requested a Robot Dog and an Iron Man Dressing up set and Mask, whilst the older two boys are demanding the new XBox One (they can dream).

I am sorely tempted to start using the Father Christmas is watching card when the kids misbehave but it is too early and I am already dreaming up antics for our Elf on the Shelf as she arrived quite late last year.

Whilst I know the little ones will probably change their minds a few times for what they actually want from Christmas it has got me thinking what I am going to get for people and what I would like for myself.

Thankfully we don’t get parents / grandparents gifts and vice versa so we all just concentrate on the kids which does save money.  I also start buying in August after Kian’s birthday so already have a few items tucked away.

We set a a strict £50 limit on presents for each of the children, although I also make sure that there is a little bit extra in case Father Christmas needs a helping hand.  I have been known to even help him and the elves with the present wrapping, although made the mistake of using the same wrapping paper as the family presents one – a BIG No No!!

As for me, if you could tell hubby that I would like the Sky Blue and Pink Ice Watch from Best Gift Company that would be great – (secretly hopes he reads this post as he never gets my hints).

The best bit about the run up to Christmas is the films, and it won’t be long before the likes of Elf, Home Alone and The Santa Clause are back on our screens – or in hubby’s case Die Hard, Gremlins and The Poseidon Adventure!

The only other thing I am waiting for is the next Julia Donalson book to be made into a cartoon.  After The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom the past two years I really hope they do Zog and it is becoming a Christmas tradition to sit down and watch it after Christmas dinner.

Now that summer has gone, roll on Christmas!

**This is a commissioned post**

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