Polarn O Pyret – Children’s clothes Review

As a parent do you find that you enjoy clothes shopping for your kids more than you do for yourself, or is it just me?

I always take pride in my children looking well presented, even if I am not myself, so when Polarn O Pyret sent me an outfit to review for Isaac I was really excited as I love their clothes!

Isaac is 5, but he is still just under 1 metre tall so he was sent the Scooter top and the Dark Blue Slim Fit jeans in age 3-4 which both fit him perfectly. In fact he still has a little growing room in the legs, and the waist is adjustable on the jeans for that perfect fit.  I do find Polarn O Pyret come up on the slightly larger side for all there clothes though.

We have washed and worn the set a couple of times now and it looks as good as new, and I am confident it will stay this way as other items we have from them look just as good now as when they were first purchased, like this dress that was handed down from Roo (themummyblogger.co.uk).

Polarn O Pyret pride themselves on clothes that can withstand wear and tear and that can be handed down from brother to sister or can be sold on still looking fab!  I have already had lots of lovely comments about their clothes and a few people asking for hand me downs, but sadly for them I am keeping Isaac’s for Sebastian.

Keep an eye on Polarn O Pyret’s facebook page and twitter feed @polarnopyretuk as they often have amazing special offers to enjoy.

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