Carriwell GelWire™ Maternity and Nursing Bra

Incomparable safer support for mums, thanks to exclusive GelWire™ technology
Carriwell’s new patent pending GelWire™ technology is without doubt one of the most exciting developments in maternity and nursing lingerie for many years, providing mums to be and breastfeeding mums with the ultimate support. Thanks to the brands exclusive technology this maternity & nursing bra combines supreme seamless comfort with conforming gel based support. The wonderfully soft and flexible GelWire™ moulds to the body to ensure breasts are gently, but effectively, supported – ideal for sensitive breasts.
Women are advised not to wear an underwire bra during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding. The rigidity and inflexibility is not suitable for the constantly changing breast shape and it can damage and restrict development of breast tissue.  However during pregnancy & nursing, when women’s breasts are changing, they want to feel confident in a supportive bra.  By combining the comfort & fit of seamless microfiber with an innovative flexible, conforming gel based underwire, Cariwell have developed the ultimate solution – A revolutionary bra with GelWiretechnology that truly moulds & supports the ever changing and unique shape of the breast without unnecessary pressure on breast tissue.
Not only is this the most innovative bra, it is simply ideal for breastfeeding mums thanks to its easy one-handed release clasp for convenient nursing, and the fact it cleverly grows 2 cups sizes to support the breasts natural changes between and during feeds. It also allows the entire breast to be exposed to ensure maximum skin to skin contact during nursing, proving Carriwell really do understand the needs of both mother and baby.
I was sent the white GelWire™ bra to review.
What struck me initially was how soft it was.  No obvious hard bits under the bust or on the seams under the arms where the wires would normally be on a non-maternity bra.
The ideal nursing bra for me has to be comfortable, functional and practical, this is both and with the added bonus of more “lift” and support.  Nursing bra’s don’t normally give you the best shape but this is fabulous, especially under tighter fitting t-shirts.  The clips are really easy to undo and fasten again with one hand, always handy when trying tohold a wriggly baby with the other.
The bra comes in sizes: Small, medium, large or extra large and comes with a bra extender, meaning it can be worn from early pregnancy right through to when you finish breastfeeding as it will adjust as your size changes, even if you put on a little more weight than you expected.  In fact it can expand up to 2 bra and cup sizes to allow for breast size fluctuation between nursing.
I have had my Carriwell GelWire™ Maternity and Nursing Bra for 6 weeks now and am still at the stage where I wear a clean bra daily thanks to a combination of milk leakage and a tendency of Sebastian to spit out what he doesn’t want.  It has washed brilliantly and still looks and feels as good as new.  I am so impressed with it that I have ordered the black version!
It may not be the prettiest bra on the block, but its smooth lines, support, comfort, versatility and shape make it a winner for me.
  • Available in black and white from The National Childbirth Trust, Babies R Us, JoJo Maman Bebe and other leading retailers
  • Sizes: Small, medium, large or extra large.
  • Colours: White or Black
  • RRP £31.99
Specific product details:
• Soft breathable seamless microfiber fabric.
• Provides great shape, perfect for under T-shirts.
• Revolutionary new technology GelWire™ support.
• Simple one-handed release clasp for easy nursing.
• Complimentary bra extender, adding to adjustability.
• 3 hook and eye clasp for added comfort and support.
• Wider supportive shoulder straps for increased comfort.
• Non-hardening gel, which remains soft & supple around your breast.
• GelWire™ supports the natural changes in the size & shape of nursing breasts.
• Can expand up to 2 bra and cup sizes to allow for breast size fluctuation between nursing.
• Allows the entire breast to be exposed for maximum skin-to-skin contact between mum and baby whilst nursing.

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  1. This bra seems great. It would be very convenient for moms to breastfeed their babies thru the use of this bra. And I guess this would encourage moms to breastfeed their babies since breastfeeding would become convenient and comfortable.


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