Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Review

If you have boys (husbands included) you will know the excitement that a Hot Wheels track brings.  Well, it has just gone up another level in our house thanks to the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister.

Isn’t it just another Hot Wheels track I hear you ask?


It’s better……….so much better!

You control the action on this multi-lane stunt set.  Features include dual motorised boosters, crashing action and Hot Wheels Power Port that lets you play in a whole new way – your iPad can join in too.  This digital interface lets you scan glyph markers to make Robots, Sharks and Dinosaurs come to life so you can battle them on the iPad!

When it arrived Kian excitedly took it upstairs to build in his bedroom so he didn’t have little helpers trying to interfere.

It only took about 15 minutes to put together and is strong and sturdy enough that he would carry it back downstairs without it coming apart again.

Because of the boys excitement in putting the track together I hadn’t realised we needed batteries.  The set requires four “D” size batteries and we only had two, so I sent Kian up to the shop to buy some more.  Thankfully the shop is only a couple of minutes away!

The cars were soon flying around the track.  They have three tracks to choose from and the kids had fun seeing how many they could get going around at the same time, whilst I downloaded the app on the iPad.  Abbey then arrived with her boyfriend Paul, who went straight to the track to see how it worked – see told you boys of all ages like Hot Wheels!

I was apprehensive about putting the iPad so close to the track – what if a car flew off and hit it, but, it sits in a special stand and has its back to the track by the launch station, so it safe.

The addition of the iPad to the track makes it even more fun.  You simply scan the card you want (Dino, shark or Robot) and you can do stunts, race, battle and even video the action going on on the track.  In the words of Isaac it is “Awesome”!
It’s not just for boys though – Eliza loves to join in too!

I like that the set is sturdy enough for me to move around without it coming apart, as it does take up quite a bit of room.  The only downside to it is the noise – it certainly isn’t a quiet toy.

The motor makes quite a racket and add the cars clunking around the track and the iPad app and it does make it a noisy toy.  I did consider putting it in the boys bedroom at one point, but have visions of it being played with at 6am and that would not be my favourite way to be woken up.  

Oh, and don’t forget the batteries!!

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