The Bath Super Scoop

Since having our bathroom replaced I haven’t had any storage for the bath toys.  I tried and tried to keep the bathroom toy free but have finally realised that that just isn’t going to happen for a few more years yet.

I threw out all the old rubber bath toys as they had seen better days and bought some more in Dunelm, but didn’t have anything to keep them in, so had a tendency to leave them in the bath as by the time I had sorted the kids out I had forgotten they were there.

As luck would have it, I was offered the Brica Bath Super Scoop to review.

The Bath Super Scoop is designed to help encourage children to tidy their toys away (always a bonus).  It has an extra large mouth to gobble up the bath toys, with a mesh fabric bag that increases air flow and dries toys out quickly to prevent mildew.

On the back of the housing unit is a Push-Lock Suction Cup thats securely mounts the Super Scoop to tiled walls and most bathtubs.  We have been using ours for a month and it shows no sign of falling off the wall.

The scoop simply lifts off the housing unit and you scoop the toys up and hooks back on once you have finished – simple!

The kids adore cleaning up their toys after the bath, but it has also become a game – seeing who can scoop up the most toys in a swoop of the bath.

It also looks neat and tidy and doesn’t spoil the look of the bathroom when I am trying to have a relaxing bath.  It is still a bit of a novelty going to run a bath without having to pick the toys up first too!!

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