Irresponsible Dog Owners

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen numerous articles about dog owners complaining they can’t walk their dogs in various areas because dogs have been banned and they feel it’s unfair.

Whilst I do sympathise with them to an extent it is the irresponsible dog owners that spoil it for them.

Lasts week I took my kids to the beach at Sandbanks, where they pride themselves on a Blue Flag award for cleanliness. Like the majority of beaches in Bournemouth dogs are banned between the months of May to September so with it being October the beach was predominately filled with dog walkers!

Isaac and Eliza were having a wail of a time, running up and down the blustery beach before they decided to collect stones and shells to do some wild art.  I turned my back to check on Sebastian who was grumbling in his pram and turned when Eliza asked “Mummy, what’s this?”


It was covered in sand, so she hadn’t realised what it was, but I felt sick.  Who doesn’t clear up after a dog where they know children will play?

Thankfully I was equipped with baby wipes and had some anti-bac spray in my bag and it was solid, but it made me feel ill.

I would like to say finding dog poo on the beach was a one off but in the summer we were on the beach at Studland watching the boys go kayaking when we found some in the middle of the sand – ironically about 10ft away from a dog poo bin.  Thankfully I had a carrier bag which I used to get rid of it.

Then there’s the issue of excitable dogs. My two love dogs, but have been taught to ask before they approach them.  On this same day a huge dog came bounding towards us, barking. It’s owner quite some distance away.  Eliza was terrified and I have to admit I was nervous too especially when it started sniffing around the pram.

When the owner finally ambled over I was told not to worry as he’s “friendly and just wants to play” – well sorry, but how do we know that??

Would I like to see dogs banned from beaches – after these incidents YES, or at least a beach allocated for dog walkers and it’s the same in parks too but how do they make it fair.

Should dog owners have to do compulsory training with their dogs? Be taught how to use a poop-a-scoop? I know it’s a small minority that spoil it for the rest but I am fed up of wiping poo off my kids shoes, my pram wheels and now it’s the beach too!

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4 thoughts on “Irresponsible Dog Owners”

  1. I agree completely with all of your comments. The dog poo and excitable dogs are an issue on the beaches near to us too. My children are frightened of dogs and I am allergic and it really does baffle me when owners can see my daughter crying and trying to get away from their dog, but all they do is say “he’s friendly”. He might be friendly, but my daughter doesn’t like dogs at all. Often dogs are bigger than her. We’ve also had wet dogs (after splashing in the sea) come near us and shake off. Maybe there could be a designated dog section on beaches so that parents of small children can avoid those sections and enjoy the other parts of the beach without these issues.

  2. Although whilst I sympathise with all the comments you have both mentioned as I’m a mother and a grandmother I feel I must reply as a dog owner.
    You are quite right in your statement that the few spoil it for the majority. I have 2 medium sized dogs who have lots of energy and love the water so the beach is one of their favourite places. We are banned during the best part of the year relegated to the autumn/winter and then told by some that they shouldn’t be allowed to use it even then.
    My issue is this – you have taught your children to ask before they approach my dog, great but the majority don’t. They run up waving their arms shouting “doggy doggy” then thrust their hands at them. Now my dogs ARE friendly however even they on occasion like humans just want to be left alone, their way to tell you that is to bark. They are then accused of being vicious.
    Now let me move to another point if I may. During the summer my friends and I were using a beach hut. We were all sat chatting on the beach when a group of children ran past throwing sand at each other, the wind was blowing so what was aimed at their friend ended up in our food and drink. There was no sorry when we told them in fact we were told “we’re telling our dad” and low and behold a few minutes later dad arrived but not to apologise but to enquire why we’ve told his child off. On a different day we we were subjected to the older children who seem to have got their choice of words from a 18+film. When we asked them to keep the language down as my granddaughter who is 2 was there it got worse. my children have been brought up to respect their elders but clearly these hadn’t. Now you will say they are not all like that and agreed I know they are not as mine certainly don’t behave like it or so I would like to think.

    So in a nut shell we now need a beach for dogs only and a beach for children only and one for adults only

    • A beach for adults only seems like a great idea – in fact can we have a beach for teens only as they seem to take over in huge numbers.
      I have great memories of taking my Irish Water Spaniel to the beach as a child as he loved the water, but there were a few incidents where other dogs were out of the control of there owners and would bound over and try and fight which has caused me to be nervous around dogs and as such I would never own one…….I don’t even like my mum’s dog as he is too boisterous but he is a proper gun dog who is highly trained and sees the kids as playmates, but they are nervous of him as he is too excitable


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