It appears I do attachment parenting!

I am an attachment parent……..apparently!

Until today I had no idea what Attachment parenting even was, but after watching controversial Katie Hopkins debating with Peaches Geldof over their very differing parenting styles it appears that I do it.

The thing is, I don’t like my parenting style to be labelled.  I parent as I see best – if my child is distressed I will pick them up for a cuddle unless of course it’s just the mother of all tantrums and I will make sure they’re safe but leave them to it.

Sebastian goes to bed in a cot, but it’s a rare occasion that he is still in the cot in the morning as I tend to bring him into bed of he wakes in the night to feed him, more for my own sanity as Isaac and Eliza are super early risers.

As for discipline my thoughts have changed since I started childminding and studying for my childcare NVQ3.  I am now more likely to try and understand the biological and psychological needs of the child, and to avoid unrealistic expectations of child behaviour by setting age-appropriate boundaries and limits. By doing this I try (and emphasise the word try) to avoid the frustration that occurs when they can’t achieve something that is beyond their capability.  In my opinion the naughty step just doesn’t work, although I will use time out and remove them from s situation if they are being particularly naughty.

Watching the vidoes of Katie Hopkins and Peaches Geldof back, they both have reasonable arguments for both styles of parenting.  I think as long as you and the child are happy, who cares!!

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