Traditional Wooden Dolls House

Eliza has reached the age where she loves dolls, and can often be heard making up her own stories with them.
I was sent a Traditional Wooden Dolls House to review from Asda.

It comes flat packed, but once built, the solid free standing wooden house is a beautifully constructed house ready to provide endless fun and if you are quick it is currently in the toy sale reduced from £70 down to £35.  It is a pink and white coloured solid wooden structure with a pink roof and white outer front and side and pretty plant detailing on the front.

The windows and doors are hinge opening and decorated with pink love hearts.
The house has 3 story, four bedroom layout and you can arrange the rooms however you want to.  The dolls house does not come with any furniture, however Asda do sell a set which is also in the toysale reduced from £24 down to £12.

The house is easily accessible with double opening front doors and a hinge opening roof.  

  • The house has an open hinge front door, 2 bay bottom level cut out windows, 3 dual open hinge second storey level windows and 2 roof cut out windows so that your child can see through and interact the dolls house.
  • The wooden dolls house is also accessible from above with its removable roof, so that kids can interact with second storey and third storey.
  • Each level has its own staircase, so once assembled your child can move dolls around the house in a natural manner.
  • It has four main rooms on the first and second floors, and a converted attic on the third storey.
The best thing about it is that inside is a blank canvas, so you can decorate until you heart is content.  I have seen people wallpaper and even carpet theirs, however with hurricane Eliza about, I don’t think the furniture will stay in place for a minute!

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