What do you get a Blogger for Christmas?

If you have been to any blogger event, be it a conference or the launch of a new product you will know that identifying each other can be a challenge – especially if their Avatar is a cartoon or an animal.

Badges tend to be tiny and make it look like you are staring at each other boobs all day!

I have the solution from tshirtprinting.net

They don’t just print your name across your t-shirt – they can do your logo too!  I know mine is fairly simple, but I am really pleased with it!

Unlike many printed T-shirts it is fabulous quality and washes well.  It looks like Sebastian approves too!

You don’t even need the original artwork either – they can lift your image from the blog / website, making it a simple but original gift to give a blogger this Christmas.

Mine arrived the very next day after ordering too!

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