Getting the Photo Gift just Right

Photo gifts are a great present idea for your loved ones – what could be better than a keepsake or accessory with your best memories on? However, with lots of stores now offering the option for you to stick a photo on…well…pretty much anything (including jigsaws, door stops and even aprons), how do you do this gift idea without bordering on cheesy or just plain odd?
We’ve come up with what we think is a good guide for making your photo gift a success that your recipient will love forever, and not have to hide but then just get it out when you go to visit!
Don’t be afraid to keep it simple

You really don’t have to select the kookiest option on the market to make it special. Go for something classic and simple, like a personalised picture canvas, which is guaranteed to be a winner. Some suppliers offer the chance for you to edit the photo in a range of colours or themes, such as black and white or pop art to make it a bit more individual, if that’s what you like. You could also even edit a photo and then simply frame it in a special framethat will match your recipient’s interior and tastes, as well as display your photo perfectly.

Opt for something relevant to your recipient

Although you may think your Gran would really appreciate a mouse mat with a picture of you and your loved one in Mexico, if she doesn’t have a computer let alone a mouse, it might not go down so well. Think about their hobbies and interests so that the novelty gift can also double as an actually useful one. Things like photo mugs are great for caffeine lovers, and the recipient who is always attached to their phone would no doubt love a photo phone case. You can find personalised mugs from My Photo Gifts, along with phone cases.
Choose memorable photographs

The photo that you use will obviously be really important for making it a lovely gift. Take the time to search through your snaps and pick ones that have a special sentimental value to you both, or simply ones that make you giggle. Opting for their favourite ones is also a winner. If you can’t decide on one, go for a gift that allows you to select a few different ones as a photo montage display.
Get creative with your photos

As briefly mentioned before, why not add effects to your photos? Great ones are black and white or sepia tones to make the picture look classical and elegant. You could even get creative when it comes to capturing the photo. If it’s a present for a parent/grandparent, why not have the kids hold up a sign saying ‘I love you’, with the recipient’s name on? This will no doubt go down a storm as it’s also direct to the receiver, as well as personal in terms of the photograph used. 

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  1. I agree, I think photo gifts are only a success if you get it right! Photo calenders are popular in my family, my mum always gets a family filled calender. You cant really fail with a calender as its something most people use, fill that with grandchildren and your onto a winner.



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