I struggle with a few skin complaints and it was something I hoped that I wouldn’t pass down to my children.  When Sebastian was born he had very dry skin but a combination of moisturising and daily massage seems to have help immensely but now Eliza seems to be suffering with dry skin on her face thanks to the weather.

I always try and use products that won’t irritate their skin but often find them bland and boring, but then came miamoo.



miamoo was born out of Apprentice star Saira Khan suffering for years with extremely dry skin.  The experts out there say, “start a business out of a passion”, in Saira’s case it was her passion for finding lotions and potions that stopped her scratching her itchy skin until it bled.  Her story is remarkable and makes me wonder if my skin is sensitive or sensitised too.

I was sent a miamoo travel set to review.

miamoo travel set

Included in the set is:

splashy wash 30ml – a refreshing citrus shower/body wash that smells gorgeous
fresh locks 30ml – soothing shampoo for shiny bouncy locks.  It leaves Eliza’s hair soft and smelling of lavender but is equally as good on Sebastian’s lack of hair and I have noticed a huge improvement in his cradle cap since using it.
baba oil 30ml – heavenly oil, great for hair, body and baby massage with its Lavender scent helping to promote restful sleep
huggy lotion 30ml – a non greasy daily moisturiser which has really soothed the skin on Eliza’s face
spritz and wipe 30ml – a refreshing citrus spritz packed with minerals that has multi uses including detangler on hair, a cleanser , a toner and a spritz. It has an energising effect on skin and instantly cools leaving hair and skin refreshed and moisturised.
cheeky cream 30ml – a natural barrier cream great for adults and babies.  This has worked wonders on a botty sore from teething


Bedtime routine with miamoo

Sebastian’s bedtime routine is very important and has been established since birth.  He adores a bath and loves nothing more than a good splash whilst mummy washes him.


Next its massage time.  I have always used an organic cream rather than an oil so was keen to try the baba oil.  Lets just say a little goes a long way.  I have noticed that the Lavender scent seems to settle him to sleep more quickly and his skin is baby soft.

The miamoo collection smells gorgeous and promises to be clear of nasties and I for one will definitely be buying the larger sizes when these run out!

miamoo are offering my readers 10% off on full priced products using code ‘Blog13’ at the checkout at www.miamoo.co.uk

18 thoughts on “Miamoo”

  1. This sounds great! I have very sensitive skin, and actually can’t use Johnsons which is supposed to be mild. My babas both had cradle-cap too which was a real trial, and the products I bought at the time didn’t work. Think I will be giving these a try for myself and the kids – who still both get topical excema x He really is such a cutie!

  2. My word Kara he’s growing up so fast – not sure why I sound surprised! POD has eczema on her arms and legs. Funnily enough just been to the chemist to get more bath gems as her skin is so dry! I don’t know this brand but I’ll keep a look out, lovely review – and photos 🙂


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