Ranty Friday – I fell for the spin

I am weak!

I fell for it!

I have seen so much love for this product it has been a the top of my wish list for a couple of years.  I finally found a reasonably priced one on eBay and………..


What am I talking about?

A Stokke Tripp Trapp.

I was promised the highchair above all highchairs.

Something that will grow with my child.

I can see if working when he is able to sit in his own chair without restraints but I physically cannot use it now, when he most needs it!

I have tried everything to get him to fit in it, but it just doesn’t work.

We have adjusted it, adjusted again and still he can’t get in it.  He goes rigid and there is no give to be able to move it to guide his legs through.  The times we have managed to get him in, it is almost as impossible to get him back out again – in fact we had to take the thing apart on Sunday to be able to get him out.

stokke tripp trapp


The thing is I have only ever seen positive reviews.  Sebastian is a chubby baby but he certainly isn’t huge so surely other people have the same problem.

It seems they do, but you really have to search for the less than glowing reviews.

So now I need another new highchair.

I have a FunPod which came with the chair addition but that doesn’t work either as the headrest is a funny height and he throws his head back and smacks it on the wood.



23 thoughts on “Ranty Friday – I fell for the spin”

  1. Aw, what a shame it doesn’t work well for you. Must be really disappointing 🙁

    I bought a Tripp Trapp at auction when it was donated by Stokke to raise money for Grayson and I honestly have never regretted it. Miss J wasn’t skinny by the time we got it and she has, since she was able to sit up, eaten at the table with us rather than on a separate tray, which means a lot to us. We’ve always been able to adjust it to grow with her, so we love it.

    I know what you mean about baby not being able to go in / come out of the baby seat if their legs are stiff – I suppose I always just saw that as part of the design rather than a flaw. Obviously at some point Miss J will be too big for the baby seat part but hopefully by that stage she’ll be old enough to sit safely without it (she probably already is, to be honest) and it will continue to grow with her.

    I hope you find a chair that works for you and S – he’s mega cute! And I hope you manage to either get a refund on the Tripp Trapp or sell it on – they hold their value really well 🙂

  2. Ah when I saw this post I was hoping it was for the pram – I seem to be the only person on the planet who thinks they are the ugliest pram ever invented! But I dislike the highchair too so it’s all good. I’ve never understood how babies fit in them, they look so narrow and uncomfortable

  3. How disappointing when something you imagine is going to be great is not for you. I have to say I have never been a big fan of their pushchairs but see lots of people raving about them! Hope you find a good highchair that is right for your very cute little man.

  4. We used to use them at work and I HATED them so you’re not alone. I don’t like any of their stuff. Cheap, easy to clean Ikea high chair here. Not pretty to look at but much easier to use!!

  5. We have two trip traps that we have now had for 7 and 8 years and I love them. They have changed the baby chair design since my boys were little though. Of all the baby things we bought the trip traps have been the best value and the cost per use is nothing.

  6. OOH! I LOVE an excuse to hype up the Ikea Antilop chair that costs about £15 (I think). We have used it since Boy1 was about 4 or 5 month and still use it today (he is 20 months). It’s brilliant and cheap and easy to clean and just brilliant! I’ve never heard of anyone who gets one and doesn’t love it!


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