8 Month Check

My little (or not so little) boy is 8 months old and that means one thing – we have to see the Health visitor for his 8 month check.

I have to admit that I was not looking forward to it as when Eliza had her two year check my Health Visitor was simply rubbish.  I am a childminder and part of my job is to perform a 2 year check on my mindees so I did Eliza too.  I am doing an NVQ3 in Childcare and my tutor was here when she turned up and the Health Visitor proceeded to tell me my checks were a waste of time and no-one read them or took any notice of them – Charming!

Thankfully we turned up and it was a different Health Visitor, so we sat down with Sebastian to play with him until she was free.

First he was weighed – 19lb 13oz!

His length and head measurements were taken and he is growing well.

Then came the developmental checks.

Was he sitting up – No, not really!

Was he using his pincer grasp – No!

Does he roll over – Yes!

Can he hear? Yes

Does he reach out for toys? Yes

Was I worried about anything? No

And that was it, it was over.

The thing about his 8 month check was that they did it at 7 months, which was why he wasn’t doing everything he should be.

Fast forward two weeks and he is sitting confidently, using his pincer grasp, has produced two teeth and is starting to pull him self to a standing position.

8 Months


The bit that really matters for me is that he is fast developing his little personality.  Everyone always comments on how happy and chilled out he is and he is starting to realise that he can command people’s attention.

If you look away from him he makes a growling sound and when you turn back around you get rewarded by a beaming smile.  He chats away and is starting to form sounds now, I am willing him to say Mama first!

He loves being out and about and is happiest in the back carrier so he can see what is going on.  He hates his car seat with a passion but I think it is because he needs a bigger one.  I am certainly starting to struggle carrying him in it but he is not quite ready enough to be forward facing.

I can see he is going to be a mischievous rascal.  His big sister has taught him to blow raspberry’s and he always starts when I am trying to feed him so I get a shower of porridge (or worse).  If he doesn’t like his food his mouth stays firmly clamped shut and no amount of persuasion will get him to open it!

His favourite toy is his bouncer although I think he will be out of it soon as he has started to try and walk in it.  I don’t think it will be long before everything gets moved up a level and he is chasing after his big brothers and sisters.

I shall leave with you with his infectious giggle – I could listen to this all day!

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  1. I always find when I head to the health vistor that my LO isn’t doing what they ask. I head home worrying then the next day I see her doing what I was worried about! I’m sure they do it to make sure our hair is going grey!

  2. He’s so cute! But now you got me confused, my Adam turned 8 months few days ago but I didn’t have a check up, no one even told me he would be due one at this stage! Do I get worried now? lol

  3. I think the check up/reviews need to bear in mind that children develop at different stages and in different ways. Having the twins has really made us notice how differently boys and girls develop! You have got some beautiful pictures and your little man is soooo cute x

  4. What a cutie!He is doing very well. I do wonder why there still seems to be a one size fits all type of guide to what children should be doing at any one stage. If the parents aren’t concerned I’d say the child is doing just fine. My eldest was deemed to have really slow speech at his 2 year check up. I disagreed. Needless to say he has not stopped to draw breath since!

  5. Such checks are a total waste of time for the vast majority of families, and sadly still miss those who perhaps should be picked up. We opted out of Health Visiting after a while, seems most mums know more than they do!

  6. I’m afraid I didn’t bother with any of the Health Visitor checks as my children are always in very rude health 🙂 I have similar fond memories of my two in our bouncer, cheap entertainment!

  7. We have had some truly terrible health visitors over the years too! I think as a Mum you know if there is anything wrong and these checks are pretty pointless! Sounds like he is doing great – keep up the good work!

  8. Such a cutie! We never had an eight month check with F and to be honest with the health checks our health visitors were a bot slack. Looks like he’s doing great with a cheeky smile to match x

  9. I hate the hv checks! When Mia had her 2 year check, i got “the look” when i said she wasn’t potty trained yet! Luckily, Mia is my second so i just blew over it but if she had been my first, i would think i was a crap parent just because of that! x

  10. Ah the bouncer makes me nostalgic. I have a You Tube video of Aaron’s whole journey in it from 4 months to 11 months. Funnily enough me and DH watched it just the other day. Such a shame they did his 8 month check a month early. We had a 3 year check recently and I got REALLY worried about it, but it was absolutely fine.
    Great post, your wee man sounds adorable.
    Liska x


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