Smart Trike Dream 4 in 1

Now Sebastian has reached the grand old age of ten months (I know, how did that happen?) we were sent the 4 in 1 Dream Smart-Trike tricycle with Touch Steering® to try.

There was nothing like this on the market when my eldest children were little – I remember having to push Abbey around in her Cosy Coupe car, which was often a challenge.  Kian had the next stage which was a plastic car with a metal handle at the back, which you could guarantee wouldn’t go in a straight line!

Isaac and Eliza had a trike with a handle, but because they had to steer it themselves you often found yourself going round and round in circles (literally).  In fact I had to tip the trike up onto its back wheels just to go in a straight line, so I was looking forward to trying out the Smart-Trike with its Touch Steering® technology.

The website promises that the Smart-Trike takes mere minutes to put together.  It doesn’t – it was a challenge that hubby and Kian took on and after 40 minutes of choice words and numerous views of you-tube it was finally complete.


Once they had finished, Mummy Sebastian was eager to try it out so we headed outside for our first taste.

As Sebastian is only 10 months, we have set the Smart-Trike so it has full parental control through the steering handle.  As he grows, Sebastian can start practising steering, but thanks to the clever handlebar clutch, we can still determine where the trike is headed.

The Smart-Trike handles like a dream!  The steering handle is adjustable so you can set it to a height that is comfortable to you – it even has an Isaac height and is so easy to steer that it is almost like pushing a buggy as it has built in suspension too!  You really can steer easily with one hand!


The washable padded seat ensures that he is comfortable and he is firmly strapped in with a shoulder harness and safety bar.  As he gets bigger, you can then take this harness off and just have a waist one before none at all.

The Smart-Trike also comes with a removable sun-shade that offers a minimum of 30% UV protection, a small printed parent bag to hold your keys and phone.  A toy phone and bottle holder for baby to play with at the front and a foot rest that can be folded in when your little one is able to pedal.

This trike truly grows with the child and can be used as a normal trike with no handle once the child can ride by themselves.

We used the trike almost daily for the school run and everyone always comments how happy Sebastian looks when he is in there.  The only time we don’t use it is when it is raining as it doesn’t come with rain covers!



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  1. Seren had one of these coming up for five years ago- it’s amazing how much they’ve progressed in what is probably a short amount of time, but even then it was a godsend- Sebastian definitely looks like he’s the bees knees in his!


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